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Jul 13, 2013

MSIC 2013 successfully concluded.

Apologies for the lack of updates, we were having too much fun in Chengdu. In short, the journey is now at its end, and MSIC 2013 has now disbanded to go its seperate ways. Some will be returning soon to Canada, while others will continue to travel China for a little bit longer.

Our time at West China Hospital was outright amazing, and we would like to thank all the students and staff there for having us! Our time there (both inside and outside the hospital) are all be unforgettable and treasured memories

--a big THANK YOU from MSIC 2013!

June 20, 2013

We've finished the Beijing leg our journey. The doctor's at the China-Japan Friendship hospital were very accomadating and even did their morning rounds in English. Although most of the stuff we saw at GuoYi Tang (TCM clinic) were outside our field of expertise, it was still a very interesting learning experience. Finally, over the last two weeks we've exhausted most of the big tourist spots in the Beijign area. Time to move onto Xi'an.


We have been approved Global Health Initiative funding from Schulich. Thanks to all the donors and the Global Health office for giving us this opportunity. Everybody grab your tickets!

Mar, 2013

Lack of updates but progress nonetheless.

So travel plans are proceeding slowly but surely. We have submitted our grant applications to Global Health Initiative, and by extension established a rough timeline of our travels (See Itinerary). David and Mike have hosted their second fundraising event in London, and it can be considered quite successful. John is in the process of reaching out to hospitals in Beijing, while we are confirmed a-go with West China Hospital, in Sichuan. Getting there.

Oct, 2012

MSIC 2013 ready to go!

The MSIC 2013 team has been finalized. This year there are a total of 5 members: David, Mike, Andy, John, and Tom (find out more in the About Us page).

MSIC teams from different years had decided on different regions in China to visit based on the individual team's objectives and interests. This year, we have chosen two metropolitan centres of Beijing and Chengdu. In an effort to create more lasting ties with organizations in China, MSIC 2013 will be visiting two of the sites visited by past MSIC teams: In Beijing, we would like to visit Bethel China , an orphanage for blind children. And in Chengdu, West China Hospital, which has a long standing Canadian tie, will be our learning centre.

Throughout the year we hope to run several fund raising events along the lines of Bubble Tea stands or Bake Sales. So look forwards to it